Systems Administrator Fulltime job, 40 hours per week

  • USA
  • June 01, 2023
  • TeknXpert LLC 1973 JN Pease Place, Suite 104 Charlotte, NC 28262
No. of openings : 5
Job Status : Active
Posted By : Admin
Job Type : Fulltime
Posted on : June 01, 2023
Location : TeknXpert LLC 1973 JN Pease Place, Suite 104 Charlotte, NC 28262

Job Description

Install, Configure, monitor and Maintain UNIX Servers and Underlying Database servers to ensure high performance Websites operate correctly and without interruption and to support and to support distributed processing of large data sets. Plan and Coordinate network and data communication between Hardware and Software for Sun Solaris based Unix servers to help in distributed processing of large datasets efficiently. Travel And/or Relocation to unanticipated client sites is required.

Education Required

Master's degree in Computers/ IT/ IS/Software Engineering/ Business/ Engineering (Any) or closely Related field with 6 (Six) months of experience in the job offered or as an IT Consultant/IT Analyst/Server Admin/Systems Administrator or closely related. Employer also accepts Bachelor's degree in Computers/ IT/IS/ Business/ Software Engineering/ Engineering (Any) or closely Related field plus 5 (five) years of progressive work experience in related field.

Experience Required

Experience of Six (6) months should include Maintenance of Sun Solaris and Unix Systems. Travel And/or relocation to unanticipated client sites throughout USA is required.

Job Benifits

Standard Company Benefits.